The Culinary Arts School of Ontario

We pride ourselves on being the only boutique-style, “Restaurant-Focused Career College and Culinary Arts School” in the GTA. We offer intensive, hands-on courses with a real life – real drama approach to learning. You will not only be immersed in a professional cooking program, but you will also learn within one of area’s best restaurants.

Graduates of our chef school have become part of a great culinary tradition of excellence, with skills that set them apart from the competition in a demanding and ever-changing hospitality industry. Instruction from The Culinary Arts School of Ontario includes job-search assistance and refresher training, as needed. Integrated as part of your learning experience, we have incorporated work elements to expose you to the rigors of what it takes to survive in a high-functioning restaurant environment.

Culinary Arts Diploma
You are: Someone who loves cooking.  You’re seeking skills and knowledge used by professional chefs.

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Sous Chef Diploma
You are: Working toward becoming a Chef with an initial focus on becoming employed as restaurant cook.

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Professional Chef Diploma
You are: Planning on becoming a professional Chef and you have little or no restaurant cooking experience.

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Culinary Management Diploma
You are: A graduate of another program or have some experience and want to move forward in your career.

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Recreational Cooking Classes @ Home Chef

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A Great Education at a Hands On Culinary Arts School

Whether your goal is to become a personal chef, run a five-star restaurant, or open your own catering business, the Chef School will prepare you for the challenges of the food service industry. Our diploma programs are an intense yet affordable way to achieve your culinary dreams in just months.
Culinary Career Paths
For the vast majority of North America’s three million plus chefs and cooks, there are three culinary career paths available; trade chef, craft chef and art chef. These categories, outlined below, are elevated through our various culinary programs, taking the best cooking fundamentals and classic skills to create our unique and comprehensive programs.  If you’re not sure which culinary career path is right for you, take a look at the options outlined below or view all of our culinary arts programs.
Trade Chef
Trade Chefs work in prep level cooking roles aiding head chefs in commercial kitchens or cooking in various fast food or line environments.
Craft Chef
A Craft Chef develops their skills for creating delicious food on a regular basis. Through care and industry experience they begin to turn out creative dishes.
Art Chef
Creating dishes at the highest level of the profession, Art Chef’s create, research, test and create individual and original dishes.

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