Culinary Arts Diploma Program
  • 360 Hours, Full-Time Diploma Program
  • 23 Weeks or approximately 5 Months
  • (4 – 5 days per week / 20 – 25 hours each)
  • Intakes: Jan, Mar & Sept (AM & PM schedules)
  • Maximum Student to Chef Instructor ratio: 10:1
  • 80% hands-on
  • Lifetime Skills Refresher & Employment  Assistance

About Our Culinary Arts Diploma Program

Our Culinary Arts Diploma program is a perfect fit if you’re looking to explore the many options in the culinary field, such as food writing, teaching or if you’d like to get some basic training and an introduction to a professional kitchen environment.

Our students come from all walks of life, but come together to celebrate an interest and a love of all things food. In this 5-month program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn what life is really like in a professional kitchen, and who knows maybe you will consider an entry level kitchen job.

We’ll cover many culinary essentials in your program, including;

Term One

  • Culinary Essentials
  • Knife Skills & Kitchen Organization
  • Soups, Sauces & Stock
  • Vegetable & Starch
  • Salads & Dressings
  • Breakfast & Dairy Preparation
  • Sandwiches & Hors D’oeuvres

Term Two

  • Meat & Game Cookery
  • Poultry & Game Bird Cookery
  • Fish & Shellfish Cookery
  • Bakeshop & Breads
  • Cakes & Desserts

Our Approach

All of our programs uses a modular approach. This means you’ll learn one topic at a time with each module being approximately 40 – 50 hours each. Each topic combines 1 – 2 days of introductory topic theory and 5 – 6 days of practical learning in the kitchen followed by 1 day of topic review and assessment. In all modules you must be able to demonstrate sound knowledge and techniques learned.This process allows you to learn the basics and then apply them and build on them. This method accommodates a variety of learning styles (from hands-on learners to bookworms) and gives you a ton of useful and practical experience.

Career Development

Part of each of our programs is helping you to create a resume that reflects your academic success and highlights the skills you’ve learned to help you find a better job, faster. We also help you in your job search to get you on the way to the culinary career of your dreams!


As part of your Culinary Arts Diploma, you’ll take the Basic Food Safety Certification test. This certification provides you with an in-depth knowledge of hospitality standards and adds value when you begin looking for a job.

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