Chef Steve (Chef Instructor)

“I have been with the Culinary Arts School of Ontario since August 2009.  In my opinion, modular learning is the way to go…culminating in the venues where students get to pull all of their skills together.  The first few days, the students inevitably have difficulties with whatever subject we are teaching but because of the way we teach the modules (example: in 7-10 day lessons) they have ample time to go over and over a particular difficulty until they grasp it.  One Chef per 12 students is ample to cover any topic and to spend time with each and every student during class.  As a second career student it is time in your life to focus.  If indeed a career in the culinary field is what you want, then you have to jump in with both feet and make a commitment to take in all knowledge thrown at you during your time with us.  We as instructors cannot carry the student up “the flight of stairs”, but I for one am willing to walk with them arm in arm as we tackle that flight of stairs together.”

David Craig (Culinary Arts Diploma)

“I chose the Culinary Arts School of Ontario because of the diversity of the ages in the classes, the hands-on approach to the courses and the one-on-one instruction available from the teachers.  My favorite memories are the meat butchery classes, the way they taught us how to use a know and made it fun and also all of my instructors.  I would always recommend this school to individuals applying for culinary training! I feel that their modular learning structure makes learning with the Culinary Arts School of Ontario fun and easy! I feel that the small class sizes are great and allow students time for one-on-one learning.  I have received employment assistance from them as well, I currently work in their Culinaria Restaurant Kitchen.”

Susy DeDemenico (Professional Chef Diploma)

“I accidentally came across Culinary Arts School of Ontario website looking up phone numbers to the Elliot House to make a reservation for a few clients at work.  When I opened it up, I was very impressed with what I was reading in regards to the program.  I immediately called to inquire and I really liked the fact that I had to set up an appointment with the Director, David Buchanan.  He was really friendly and he gave me a lot of information.  I also had the opportunity to be a part of an actual class and I made bread with them.  I thought that was really cool and it’s definitely one memorable experience that I will keep.  Shortly after, David accepted me to attend the school and rewarded me with the words that he saw the passion in me and believed that I would be a great chef one day.  The Culinary Arts School of Ontario has been such a great learning experience for me.  I remember how sharp my knives were on the first day and how proud I felt walking into school every morning with my kit over my shoulder.  I have been taught by really great chefs over the nine months.  They all have their own uniqueness and I respect and look up to each and every one of them.  The classes are a maximum of 10 people therefore you get to see demonstrations front row!  You don’t have to sit in a huge room with fifty other students trying to catch a peek or hear what the chef is explaining.  With intimate classes like this you also have the opportunity to ask specific questions and learn little tricks and tips that will always stick with you.  The Chefs are very knowledgeable and are always available to you.  In fact, they encourage you to ask questions.  My favorite chef instructor is Chef Erica.  She has this calmness to her and is very thorough.  When in theory classes there is a lot to know and to understand.  Cooking school is not just about making a pretty plate.  There is the anatomy of the cow, lamb, pigs and chickens and that is not an easy thing to remember but the way that Chef Erica teaches helps you to understand it, she makes all the hard information easy to remember so that when it comes time for test reviews, there is no fear because you know the answers to her questions.  I have her to thank for my knowledge and incredible marks because she is such a phenomenal teacher.  Chef Erica always points out your talents and the good that you do and most importantly, to keep wanting to live my dream and be a chef one day.  The Culinary Arts School of Ontario has incredible people from my amazing classmates to the chefs to the office staff to the professional kitchen of Culinaria all the way to the front of the house.  Each and every one of them has become my family.  I can’t begin to describe the great feeling I have every morning driving to school because I know I am driving to a great place and I learn something new each day and I have lots of fun doing it.  Our student venues have been a blast.  They give us an opportunity to show what we’ve learned over the program.  It’s out time to shine and everyone is there for each other as a team to make it a successful night each week. This has truly been a great and exciting part of my life…the best decision I have ever made for myself.  I am so grateful for finding Culinary Arts School of Ontario website accidentally that day.  I can honestly say that if anyone is looking for a school where they can feel comfortable and really have the opportunity to live their dream to become a chef and to learn an extensive amount of knowledge and skill within a healthy and great environment, Culinary Arts School of Ontario is definitely where you want to set your new beginnings.”

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