Culinary students need a unique set of tools and textbooks.  Below, you’ll find information about each of the required supplies for our culinary diploma programs.  Each of these items is available for purchase through Chef School after enrollment.   An estimated cost for these items is outlined in the tuition page under “Other Costs” and “Book Costs”.

The Book of Yields

For years, The Book of Yields has been an indispensable tool for professional chefs, culinary educators and culinary students, helping them accurately calculate recipe costs and easily make the purchases based on recipe requirements.

The Book of Yields contains pricing, yield, and equivalency information for more than 1500 ingredients, plus it allows users to efficiently and easily look up yield data for foods, find purchase requirements for a serving, create new recipes, add new ingredients, calculate ingredient or recipe costs, look up cost data for food, create shopping lists and much more.

The Professional Chef

“The bible for all chefs” – Paul Bocuse.  Named one of the 5 favorite culinary books of this decade by Food Arts Magazine, The Professional Chef ™ is the classic kitchen reference that many of America’s top chefs have used to understand basic skills and standards for quality as well as develop a sense of how cooking works.

Culinary Artistry

For anyone who believes in the potential for artistry in the realm of food, Culinary Artistry is a must read.  This is the first book to examine the creative process of culinary composition as it explores the intersection of food imagination and taste.

Through interviews with more than 30 of Americas leading chefs including Rick Payless, Daniel Boulud, Gray Kunz, Jeal-Louis Palladin, Jeremiah Tower, and Alice Waters, the authors reveal what defines culinary artists.

Culinary Uniforms

Students are required to wear a chef jacket, apron and accessories.  Uniforms are branded with our school logo and available for purchase through Chef School after enrollment.


18 Piece Term One Knife Set

Students will learn knife skills in the first term of all programs, except Culinary Management.  With that in mind, it’s important that each student has their own set of professional knives.  These knife sets are available for purchase from Chef School after enrollment in our culinary programs.

8 inch Chef's Fibrox Knife
10 inch Round Sharpening Steel
10.25 inch Curved Serrated Knife
4 inch Paring Knife
2.25 inch Bird's Beak Paring Knife
6 inch Flexible Boning Knife

Other Culinary Tools

As well as a professional knife set, culinary students need a handful of other kitchen tools and supplies to help them in the kitchen.  These tools can be purchased after enrollment through Chef School.