Our Culinary Programs Focus on You.

The Culinary Arts School of Ontario offers you experience based culinary programs that let you apply the fundamentals you learn, in a variety of live-action environments. Our culinary school is located within one of the best restaurants in the Mississauga area, which offers students a unique inside glimpse into restaurant life.   As a private culinary career college, owned and operated by people who work actively in the food and restaurant industry, we know what you need to make it once you leave culinary school. We offer small class sizes, shorter, affordable programs and experience based training that will serve you well in all of your culinary endeavors.

While many culinary schools offer students a classroom and an isolated learning kitchen, our Culinary School is located within one of the finest restaurants in Mississauga, which lets our students learn right in the middle of the action! This unique location allows you to be exposed to a production kitchen and professional chefs working in the industry on a regular basis, so you can see what daily life in a culinary field really looks like.

Culinary School Mississauga

Each of our Culinary Diploma programs operates on a modular system. Basically, our programs are laid out in building blocks. You learn each set of skills thoroughly before moving onto the next, and each set, builds upon the last. This lets you move through the learning in a natural flow, that helps reinforce each of the concepts you’re being taught to help you retain the information and learn how to apply what you’ve learned.

Each learning module consists of 10-15 hours of classroom learning, where we’ll give you the fundamentals you’ll need, and then moves to the kitchen for 20-30 hours of practical and hands-on experience where you learn to use and apply the skills you’ve learned in a practical environment.

Each of our programs is made up of 80% hands-on learning. Because we keep our class sizes small, this allows us to have one chef instructor for every ten students. With such small groups, you have the opportunity for one on one learning when needed.

We believe in providing you the best culinary education we possibly can. Part of that is providing small class sizes that allow you one on one learning when you need it, and the ability to work in smaller teams so you never feel like just another number.

Our classes are approximately 10-12 students. This lets our Chef Instructors help you develop and hone each skill until you can execute each of them with confidence and understanding.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle here, but you will become the best chef you can possibly be.

Like we’ve said in previous sections, we own a fully functional fine dining restaurant, which not only offers a la carte service, but also hosts corporate and private events (we cook for some large groups!). We also offer corporate team building events, which gets people out of their office and into our kitchens, where they learn some fun recipes and learn to celebrate food. We also own a recreational cooking school – which even gets the kids cooking.

You might be able to tell by now, we’re passionate about the culinary arts in every form. We love to celebrate the freshest, local ingredients we can source and we look for any way we can to get everyone we can to fall in love with food and cooking.

That translates into the education you receive here. You won’t find a clinical school environment at Chef School, instead you’ll find a place where cooking is celebrated, explored and challenged in a multi-faceted celebration of our passion. Best of all, you’ll be learning to be the absolute best chef you can possibly be, while celebrating creativity and passion with us!

Many cooking schools are clinical spaces that exist within a strip mall or a space completely removed from real culinary life. At The Culinary Arts School of Ontario you’re immersed into a real life restaurant from the moment you set food on campus.

As you step through the double doors of our historic farmhouse, which was converted to a restaurant and then converted again to become the food-centric environment that it is today, you’ll have the opportunity to move beyond a learning kitchen, and do some hands-on experience in our Production Kitchen.

That means you’ll have the opportunity to work in our restaurant kitchen, under the supervision of our restaurant cooking team. This gives you a real, first hand experience of what you can expect after you graduate. This kind of experience is something you won’t get at any other Culinary School in Ontario.

As part of our mission to provide you a very hands-on experience, many of our programs include a work experience component. Work experience as part of your curriculum lets you work at various restaurants throughout our immediate area, under the supervision of their Restaurant Chefs. You’ll be able to learn from different chefs and explore another production kitchen, giving you more experience, before you even graduate.

We believe that everyone who wants to become a Chef should be able to do so. While financial constraints are often a barrier to education, we make every effort to keep our tuition affordable to everyone. We even offer payment plans, and some recommendations for financing, which you can read all about on our tuition page. Basically, cost should never be a barrier to your dreams.

Our culinary students do more cooking in 54 Weeks than most culinary students do in 2 years. We’ve created our programs to get you out in the work force, creating amazing dishes for the world to enjoy, as fast as possible.

No matter how much time you have to devote to training, we likely have a program that will get you well on your way; whether your goal is to become a professional chef, own a restaurant, open a catering business or change the food industry as we know it.

We offer four different culinary diploma programs.   Our Culinary Arts and Culinary Management Diplomas are both 23-Weeks, while our Sous Chef Diploma is 37 and our Professional Chef Diploma is 54. That means even if you’ve never been in a kitchen, but want to become a Chef, you can realize your dream in just a little more than a year.

While you’re training with us, you’ll be eating what you cook. You’ll be discussing and critiquing your own dishes and your classmates dishes too. Together, you’ll be learning from your mistakes and celebrating your successes. Sharing a meal together, not only helps you learn important skills, but helps you form friendships and alliances that will last a lifetime.

Graduating from Chef School means you’ll be joining an alumni of chefs, cooks, pastry chefs, restaurant owners and more. While you’re learning with us, you’ll be surrounded by a group of talented people who are passionate about food, and that group will be there to support you as you move through your own journey.

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