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Are you looking for an adventure and a different pace of life? We’re hiring a FULL TIME COOK for
Loch Island Lodge on Wabatongushi Lake in the beautiful Chapleau Crown Game Preserve.
We prefer candidates with prior culinary experience and training– especially in a tourism or camp
environment– but will consider hiring a new culinary graduate who has an interest in remote tourism
work, or a work placement for a culinary student.
The contract is from Mid May, 2023 to September 30, 2023. The typical start date is Mother’s Day
Before applying, visit www.lochisland.com to view our properties and understand our remote
wilderness location. No phone calls please.
Interviews will be conducted by videoconference or direct interview in Sault Ste Marie.
Daily Tasks
You will work with a team of 4-6 serving/housekeeping/kitchen prep employees. Separate servers
are assigned to work mornings, evenings, or on kitchen prep, and are rotated on a daily or weekly
schedule at the manager’s discretion.
You will be on 7 days per week as the sole cook. Relief can be provided on occasional mornings
when there is no hot breakfast booked or another experienced employee cooks breakfast.
Breakfast: American Plan hot breakfast is served at 7 AM. We rotate between egg and syrup
Lunch: You are not responsible for shore lunch as dockhands prepare a daily outdoors lunch (using
the kitchen from 9- 10:30 AM for prep). In the event of rain, dockhands will use the kitchen to
prepare shore lunch. Staff make their own sandwiches or eat leftovers. You will determine your own
prep time and breaks in the late morning/early afternoon based on the amount required for dinner.
Dinner: Dinner is served to guests at 5 PM, and all staff eat together around 6:30 PM. We have a
weekly rotating menu of homestyle favourites such as pork back ribs, roasts, turkey, ham, lasagna,
and steaks. Desserts are homemade pies, cakes, and other confections. Staff are fed the same
food as guests aside from one “staff night” BBQ dinner/pizza dinner per week.
A kitchen prep worker can assist with basic tasks as required, such as making salads or washing
Menu Planning and Ordering: We are looking to make appropriate changes to the menu to reflect
our location and brand, and the cook will need to be attentive to weekly food pricing. You must
have an awareness of specialty diets and allergies (i.e. gluten-free, vegetarian, specific ingredient
allergies). Most of our guests do not have dietary concerns.
Our weekly food order comes from Sysco and is picked up by barge (by an experienced employee;
the cook may join for assistance). You will keep inventory of the pantry, price and order stock, and
ensure that items are stored properly. Small grocery items can be purchased weekly in the
Dubreuilville grocery store. You must be able to make substitutions if an item does not arrive!
Kitchen Sanitation: You are responsible for cleaning your prep dishes and pots and ensuring that
the kitchen is kept sanitary. You will assist with deep-cleans of the appliances and kitchens
whenever needed. You should be able to answer safe food handling questions from servers.
Other assorted tasks include answering the telephone and taking messages, and issuing fishing
licences (will train).


You must have a valid safe food handling certificate. You must be able to communicate with the
local health department during inspections. First Aid is a definite asset.
The lodge environment has stairs, ramps, and walkways. You must be able to carry items up to 50
lbs. up stairs or lift boxes out of boats. You must be able to be on your feet at least 6-8 hours per
day. This is a highly physical job.
You are not required to get a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate a boat for recreational
purposes but we expect you to know (or be willing to learn) the basics of operating a boat in case
of emergency. You must be comfortable riding in a boat as you will be living on an island. You can
purchase a fishing licence if you want to fish.
You are not required to bring your own vehicle. If you do bring a vehicle and wish to go to town to
purchase grocery items for the lodge, we will provide free fuel.

Mandatory Requirements
• You must already be legal to work in Canada (citizenship, residency, or visa). We
cannot sponsor.
• Must have proof of valid safe food handling certification
• First Aid strongly preferred
• If you wish to use our boats, you must complete the Pleasure Craft Operator Card online
course (approx. $50 at your own cost) before the season starts.
• Speak, read, and write English
• Lift 50 lb. items up docks and stairs
• Avoid use of alcohol, cannabis, and other substances during work hours
• Handle high-stress situations and timed tasks
• Focus and maintain high standards of quality
• Enjoy spending time in the outdoors
• Above all, you can handle the unpredictability and isolation of living in a remote

Job Benefits

Salary is $4000/month plus tips. We pay by direct deposit in Canadian funds. The cook is included
in group tips, with all staff having an equal share. Tips are issued in USD/CAD cash.

Room and board is FREE. You will have a private bedroom and a shared unisex bathroom. We
include meals, laundry, bedding, Starlink Internet, TV, boats, fuel, live bait, and recreational
equipment. We encourage staff to go fishing and explore the wilderness! Spend your off-time
hiking, kayaking, or swimming. We do not have cell reception in the region.
We do not fund travel, but we can pick you up at a public transportation point such at the Sault Ste.
Marie, ON airport, the Wawa bus station, or the VIA Rail Lochalsh flag stop. You do not need to
have a vehicle or a driver’s licence. You can park for free at Camp Lochalsh all season.
We give employees free staff T-shirts to wear during work hours. The proper footwear must be worn
during work hours and hair and appearance should be kept neat and professional.


If you are interested in applying for this position with us, send your resume and a brief cover letter
to careers@lochisland.com

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